Two exhibitions I came across: Beyond Measure and Nature Design

In the last months I came across at two exhibitions whose topics fit the one of this blog:

  • In April 2008 I visited Kettle’ Yard in Cambridge, Greta Britain and the its special exhibition Beyond Measure: conversations across art and science.

    View in the exhibition Beyond Measure

    (Picture via

    This exhibition – with its associated workshops, talks and events – explores how geometry is used by artists and astronomers, bio-chemists, engineers, surgeons, architects, physicists and mathematicians – among many others – as a means to understand, explain and order the world around us. It draws parallels between the artist’s studio, the laboratory and the study as equivalent places for thinking, imagining and creating.

  • In November last year I visited the Museum of Design in Zurich with the exhibition Nature Design – From Inspiration to Innovation.

    Nature has always been a source of inspiration for the design of the human environment. However, it cannot be overlooked that the connections between nature and the various design disciplines have once again become far more intensive in recent years. The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich refers with “Nature Design” to this phenomenon and presents an international selection of objects and projects from the fields of design, architecture, landscape architecture, art, photography and scientific research which do not simply depict or imitate nature but use it as a starting point and a reservoir of inspiration to present innovative answers to the relationship between man and nature.