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In der folgenden Mail wird beschrieben, wie durch die Abbestellung von Zeitschriften-Abos und gleichzeitige Nutzung eines Document-Delivery-Dienstes in einer US-Bibliothek Geld gespart wird.

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Date:          Thu, 4 Jan 1996 15:58:38 +0100
From:          Bartow Culp 
To:            Multiple recipients of list CHMINF-L 
Subject:       Serial Cancellation article (fwd)

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>> >>CHMIF-L netters might be interested in reading this article.
>> >>
>> >>Note that Elsevier's stock dropped after it was published!
>> >>
>> >>_______________
>> >>
>> >>Hayes, John R.
>> >>      The Internet's first victim? (academic publisher Reed Elsevier;
>> >>    electronic publishing infringes on traditional publishing services)
>> >>    (Industry Trend or Event)
>> >>      Forbes v156, n14 (Dec 18, 1995):200 (2 pages).
>> >>
>> >>Abstract:
>> >>    London-based academic publishing house Reed Elsevier may be losing its
>> >>    profitable business to the powers of the Internet. Louisiana State
>> >>    University's library recently retracted a $446,000 subscription of 1,569
>> >>    scholarly journals from Reed Elsevier, opting instead for an
>> >>    Internet-based service that enables the library to generate a requested article
>> >>    within two days. Instead of paying out $446,000, the library only needed to pay
>> >>    $25,000 in copyright and delivery fees. Students and professors can
>> >>    now use the Internet to review over 17,000 academic journals' table of
>> >>    contents and  order any of the articles therein. The university utilizes the
>> >>    services of the UnCover Co, an article retrieval company that offers journals'
>> >>    table of contents on the Internet and faxes along any requested articles for
>> >>    roughly $13 each. Reed Elsevier is certain that the Internet will not
>> >>    completely overtake its businesses since professors still need their products. 
>> >>    The flexibility and speed of electronic publishing could alter the
>> >>     landscape of traditional ink-on-paper publishing.
>> >>
>> >>excerpt from AFX News:
>> >>
>> >>    Elsevier was most active in early trade with turnover of over half a
>> >>million shares, edging up 0.10 to 21.50 after Reed Elsevier chairman Ian
>> >>Irvine said current trading remained strong and in line with expectations and that
>> >>prospects for its scientific publishing activities were very good.
>> >>    Irvine made the statement in response to a Forbes magazine article
>> >>suggesting Reed Elsevier would be  Internet's first victim:  this and a
>> >>downgrade by Merrill Lynch caused Elsevier to drop yesterday, brokers
>> >>noted.

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