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Between science and art – a new thesis by Albrecht Pohlmann on Wilhelm Ostwald

“Von der Kunst zur Wissenschaft und zurück : Farbenlehre und Ästhetik bei Wilhelm Ostwald (1853 – 1932) – From art to science and backward: theory of color and aesthetics by Wilhelm Ostwald (1853 – 1932)” is the title of a new doctoral thesis in German language by Albrecht Pohlmann, 1910, University of Halle. It describes […]

Art and science

“Creations and Structures – Relation between art and science” is the title of an excerpt of a bilangual book by Dietrich Schulze (Viaduct : Kunst und Wissenschaft – Art and Science. Dresden : Saxonia-Verl. für Recht, Wirtschaft und Kultur, 2006). Ostwald is mentioned!

Combinatorics and creativity

Root-Bernstein described the connection between art and the sciences in the view towards creativity in his abstract: Many people view arts and sciences as being different because sciences yield objective answers to problems whereas arts produce subjective experiences I argue that art and science are on a continuum in which artists work with possible worlds […]

Philosophy of Science in Higher Education in Science and Technology

The colloid chemist Ernst Alfred Hauser wrote about Ostwald in 1951: … his greatest contribution to science and education was not his discovery of how to form oxides of nitrogen by passing a mixture of air and ammonia over a platinum catalyst (a discovery for which he received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1909), […]

Two exhibitions I came across: Beyond Measure and Nature Design

In the last months I came across at two exhibitions whose topics fit the one of this blog: In April 2008 I visited Kettle’ Yard in Cambridge, Greta Britain and the its special exhibition Beyond Measure: conversations across art and science. (Picture via http://www.kettlesyard.co.uk/) This exhibition – with its associated workshops, talks and events – […]