“And today the book is already, as the present mode of scholarly production demonstrates, an outdated mediation between two different filing systems. For everything that matters is to be found in the card box of the researcher who wrote it, and the scholar studying it assimilates it into his own card index… The typical work of modern scholarship is intended to be read like a catalogue. But when shall we write books like catalogues?”

This blog accompanies the preparation of my poster with the title “Combinatorics and order as a foundation of creativity, information organisation and art in the work of Wilhelm Ostwald” in the sense of the quote of Walter Benjamin above!

Blogs are containers for notes and something like modern card boxes!

From: Walter Benjamin: Attested Auditor of Books. In: Benjamin, W. (1928), ”One-way street” (Vol. 1, p. 456 and 457), in: Benjamin, W. (2001), Selected writings. 2 vol., Bullock, M. and Jennings, M.W. (eds.). (Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press).